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Talking Turkey

Here we are on the day after another Thanksgiving feast and I am writing my first blog post. As a real estate broker I love sharing the beauty of this island, but I want to go beyond that and share my love for the place I call home. At our house we had a gorgeous organic locally raised fourteen lb. turkey from The Good Farm to feed the three meat eaters in our small family of six. With the turkey to people ratio so high the topic of leftovers was part of the planning process. Up here in Chilmark it sometimes feels like the boondocks, so leftovers are more of a convenience and often planned for in advance. So what do I do with a lot of leftover turkey? My dad, one of the original chefs at the Beach Plum Inn, always found interesting ways to use and appreciate leftover birds, and you know about the apple and the tree. I love to cook and owe my love of the kitchen to my dad.

My five favorite things to do with leftover turkey are:

1. Turkey cha cha chili- which is a white bean chili with turkey, jalapeños, onion and


2. Turkey burritos. My father-in-law wraps his in lettuce leaves but I like the classic tortilla.

3. Turkey soup. One of my favorites that I freeze in yogurt containers for a rainy day.

4. Pulled turkey in gravy over garlic smashed potatoes. This one is a real crowd pleaser,

and very easy to make by adding the turkey and gravy to a saucepan and cooking slowly

till the meat can be pulled apart with a fork into shreds. Also good on toast.

5. Turkey pot pie. My son loves this. I make and freeze these for that night when cooking

is just too much effort.

Wild turkeys galore

Like many places, the Vineyard has a huge and growing population of wild turkeys. They have been known to hang out on people’s decks and porches leaving their signature turkey mess of feathers and fracas. They are edible, but reputed to be as tough as leather and probably quite gamy in flavor. Surprisingly, at times they are aggressive. Several years ago an altercation occurred that was so unbelievable NPR’s Ira Glass made a segment on it. Read it here.  This is a great laugh and totally true.

Thanksgiving is always a time when I am grateful to my family, my friends and my community. We are blessed to live in such a beautiful place and for that I owe a debt to my grandparents for starting the whole process back in the 40’s.

Happy Thanksgiving, and may you be grateful for the jewels you have in your life.

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