PO Box 26, Menemsha, MA 02552

PO Box 26, Menemsha, MA 02552


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Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing on Martha’s Vineyard is the often invisible backbone of our island community and needs our help. Almost anything you love about the Vineyard is protected, maintained or made possible by the people who live here year-round but there is very little to protect and ensure that our year-round population has an opportunity to have stable homes which in turn means stable lives for the people who do everything for everybody. Almost one third of the population of Martha’s Vineyard moves at least 2 times per year. All people in our community need and deserve stable housing and we as a community need to find a better solution to creating sustainable funding to offset the high cost of living here.

A stable year-round work force benefits every single person on the Island. The vacationers, the homeowners and every aspect of the businesses and the real estate community all depend on the people who through work support the community. We all depend on the workforce to fix, cut, paint, clean, serve, teach, protect etc. Everyone who lives here by the week, month or year benefits from stability. Here at Feiner Real Estate, I have made it my personal priority as the principal broker to give back to the community in affordable housing. In addition to donating money to organizations, I am the current chairman of the Chilmark Housing Committee where just last night we awarded 4 home site lots to lucky families and saw many more who did not get their dreams fulfilled. I’ve also created or built 4 units of affordable housing In Chilmark and West Tisbury over the past year. Social consciousness is important to me and I have worked to do the following:

•Help to subsidize year-round rentals which give people security.

•Support work-force housing initiatives to buy or build year round homes

•Reclaim housing that ends up in short sales or foreclosure

•Increase year-round rental units.

•Provide stability in affordable rentals so people can get and stay ahead

It’s really easy not to see the big picture when you are having a great vacation on the Vineyard but people need help and we are doing what we can to make a difference in our community. Working with us is one way to know you are indirectly supporting the community.

(Here’s one of the 3 houses I built)

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  1. Sharon McFarland

    on   said 

    I love what you are doing. I wish I could afford one of your homes.

    • admin

      on   said 

      Thank you,
      Maybe you can.
      Phil Cordella


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